The international edition of "Raindrop Sprinters" will be released soon!

Thank you for waiting!
The international version of "Raindrop Sprinters" will be released on September 7!
Avoid rain, get stars, and run across the passage!


"Raindrop Sprinters" is a retro fixed-screen action game where you run across passages while avoiding the rain.
Move left and right. Press a button for slow-motion.
The controls are simple, but the game is filled with fun secrets!
You'll need to make risky plays to find them.
First, try running non-stop to the goal four times!

This game has four different game modes.

- Standard: Just avoid the rain
- Customize: Choose your own items and obstacles
- Onrush: Enjoy playing with slow-motion
- Maverick: Keep catching the rain

Get the hang of each mode and aim for one million points!
Reach the goal five times at the max level to see the ending!

- Network rankings
- Vertical (tate) mode
- Pixel-perfect option

Raindrop Sprinters Official Twiter

Raindrop Sprinters (My Nintendo Store)

Raindrop Sprinters (Play,Doujin!)

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